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Meeting Holocaust Survivor Eva Schloss

What do you say when you meet a holocaust survivor?

NOTHING. Just listen.

Eva Schloss, the step-sister of Anne Frank, is visiting the University of South Carolina to share her survivor story with the entire community as part of the President's Leadership Dialogue on Monday Feb. 27th. By happenstance (literally, I happened to be moving through the right place at the right time), I had the grand opportunity to meet and listen to Mrs. Schloss's personal story when she arrived on campus today.

There is an imposing strength emanating from the soul of one who lives to tell the tale of past atrocities. Beyond being moved by Mrs. Schloss story, I was humbled by the power of the 87-year-old woman that silenced the room and commanded attention with her words to the youth who would hear her story [and I'm paraphrasing]-- 1) Get an education; it is the one thing no one can take away and it will serve you wherever you are in this world, and 2) Always remember, even in the face of racism, religious discrimination, sexism (she named a few others), that there is but one human race.

I departed from Mrs. Schloss feeling both empowered and charged to continue to find ways to use my gifts and skills to serve and liberate others. I also cannot wait to poor into my autographed copy of "Eva's Story," Mrs. Schloss's memoir of her life before and after the horrors of Auschwitz. If you plan on attending the President's Leadership Dialogue on Monday, you will receive a copy, too! For more details, visit--

I hope to see you there on Monday, my friends! You don't want to miss the opportunity to hear the story from one of our few living Holocaust survivors!

In grace,


p.s. Here are a few photos of me greeting Mrs. Schloss

I'm so humbled to meet Mrs. Schloss!

Listening to the wisdom of Mrs. Schloss!

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